Film & Photo

Knowing Urban Environments through Photography and Film

May 8, 2015
Stanford University
Levinthal Hall at the Stanford Humanities Center
424 Santa Teresa Street – Stanford CA – 94305
double take

Jia-Ching Chen

by Jacob von Heland and Henrik Ernstson

by Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald


Continuous May 8-9
by Matthew Niederhauser
by Dillon Marsh


Jacob von Heland

jacob von heland

Jacob von Heland lives in Stockholm and works as a film director. His work addresses how people and institutions relate to nature and the environment. Prior to filmmaking he earned a doctoral degree in Natural Resources Management from Stockholm University. Currently, he is working on a film project in Cape Town together with Henrik Ernstson.

Dillon Marsh


Dillon Marsh graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. During the course of my studies he was drawn to photography and has remained passionate about it ever since. His main focus as an artist has been directed towards landscape series. In these series he seeks to find things that are out of the ordinary, picking them out of the landscape where they might otherwise blend in. His latest project, For What It’s Worth, also incorporates computer generated imagery in an effort to reveal new perspectives that wouldn’t be achievable using photography alone.

Matthew Niederhauser


Depending on the day, Matthew Niederhauser is an artist, photojournalist, or cinematographer. His work covering youth culture and urban development in China has appeared in The New Yorker, National Geographic, Guardian Observer, The New York Times Magazine, and Wired amongst many others. Otherwise Matthew concentrates on a number of traditional and new media projects including Kapital Creation: Chasing the Chinese DreamCounterfeit Paradises, and The Megacity Initiative. He is currently a visiting scholar at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism and member of NEW INC.

John Fitzgerald


John Fitzgerald is a director, cinematographer, and animator. He holds a degree in Modern Culture and Media Studies from Brown University, recipient of an Honors Thesis, and Resource Scholars + Artists Award. John has directed and produced projects for The World Wildlife Fund, Coca Cola/Burn, VW, Nokia, and The Discovery Channel. His photographs and multi-channel video installations have been shown in a range of group and solo exhibitions in the U.S., Bolivia, Italy, Panama, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil.  John is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for Advanced Urbanism at the MIT Media Lab and a member of NEW INC, working primarily on The Megacity Initiative, Kapital Creation: Chasing the Chinese Dream (in post production), and Cyborg Futures.