4278609486_b6cacb9d1a_zWith thanks to our sponsors:

Stanford Global Studies

Department of Anthropology, Stanford University

Center for African Studies, Stanford University

Center for South Asia, Stanford University

Stanford Humanities Center

About Urban Beyond Measure:

The Urban Beyond Measure initiative was launched by Thomas Blom Hansen, James Ferguson, and Sylvia Yanagisako of the Department of Anthropology. In 2012 the initiative received initial support from Ann Arvin, Vice-Provost of Research, for its attempt to build and extend interdisciplinary conversations at Stanford. In 2013, Stanford Global Studies agreed to support the initiative as a part of its overall mission of strengthening international and inter-regional conversations and research at Stanford University. Read More.

The Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation is acknowledged for providing funding for Dr. Henrik Ernstson to organize this first Urban Beyond Measure conference during his postdoctoral studies at Stanford University.

The Swedish research council Formas is acknowledged for providing funding for Dr. Jia-Ching Chen to organize the conference; funds from Formas has been channeled through Dr. Henrik Ernstson’s Formas project “Ways of Knowing Urban Ecology” (Dnr: 250-2010-1372; WOK-UE).

The conference is also part of the initiatives around the Situated Urban Political Ecologies collective (#SUPE), read more here.